“I have hired Kevin to do work for me a number of times and he is timely, personable and efficient.  The work was always done to perfection and Kevin asked a lot of questions during the entire process to make sure he was doing the work to our satisfaction. Kevin is creative.  He displays this in the ideas he brings to everything he does.  He always brings a number of different ideas to every project he is hired to do… His creativity was also evident in a production he put together to enter in the Golf Digest contest to play the same course the pros play the week before the U.S. Open championship  He successfully made the cut against big odds and moved on to the next level of consideration.  Kevin is also passionate.  He is never satisfied with “just good enough”. He wants it to be just how you desire…He also demonstrated passion by organizing a cancer benefit for the wife of the course superintendent.   He created the idea and made it work.”  — Matt M.

“I have known and worked with Mr. Kevin O’Brien for over ten years and I believe Kevin has worked with our company for about twenty years.  During the time I have known and worked with Kevin, I have come to depend on Kevin’s expertise in a wide range of landscaping matters.  While there is a lot of person’s working in the trades who would mislead you to get more work or money from you, Kevin is not that way.  I have come to depend on Kevin because I know that when I ask his opinion, he will give me the facts straight whether this means more or in many cases even less work and income in his pocket.  I always know that when I send Kevin to do a job, he will always have my best and our company’s best interest in mind and do the job as efficiently as possible.  Kevin has been our company’s “go to” person when we have had touchy situations involving landscaping or difficult customers with landscape related issues.  I can’t say enough good things about Kevin and his integrity.”  — Jeff France, Area Construction Manager, Lennar

“O’Briens Landscaping handled my 88 year old mother beautifully. Kevin O’Brien took the time to bring my mom in front of her 40-year-old home and point out how the tall brick wall around her front door courtyard was not safe. He showed her what his project would entail and drew her a picture. Mom dislikes change but decided she liked his vision. She was delighted with the results — which entailed taking the top half of the six foot brick wall down to about three feet. Kevin cut the wall free hand, into a nice curve which softened the big square look. Light now enters the courtyard allowing her new flowering bushes to grow.  Kevin had to endure her constant supervision of the project. Kevin finally put a tool and paint brush in her hand to make her feel useful!  The house was transformed and a difficult customer was made very happy!  Thank you O’Briens Landscaping!” —  Maureen S.

“Kevin has done a lot of work for me over the years. He has been great to work with, I have found him to be very professional. He has always been very prompt and gets the job done in a timely manner. I have loved the work he has done for me in the past and feel he is very reasonable with his pricing as well. I always have a big smile on my face when he leaves because I am so pleased with his work.” — Elaine K.

“New landscaping projects can be really disruptive to our home and neighborhood, but Kevin and his crew were utmost professionals.  Kevin’s trucks were clearly marked and his equipment was well-maintained.  They practiced good safety and took care not to damage my lawn with the heavy machinery.  Perhaps what I appreciated most was their respect for my family: they invited my son out to see the BobCat, play in a small area of mud, learn about the tree roots, and then they shut down so he could go to bed at his typical time in peace.  Even our neighbors were impressed!” — Emily B.