Boulders: Popular, Unique, or Natural

For more than two decades, Kevin O’Brien has been working with homeowners on installing boulder walls.  Families opt for a boulder wall for multiple reasons.  Their unique appearance often complements a wide range of perennials, evergreens, and plants.  In addition to their cosmetic appearance, boulder walls also help manage runoff and control erosion.

If you are considering hiring a landscaper to install a boulder wall, give Kevin a call for a free consultation.  His past work speaks for itself.  In these photos, his walls have enhanced front yards, helped correct drainage issues and fixed unusable slopes between yards.

Have you moved into a home where the boulder wall was installed incorrectly?  This happens more often than people might care to think.  Kevin can help make sure that your new wall has correct placement of its boulders, and includes drain tile and landscaping fabric to prevent future deterioration of the wall and the land around it.